Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Elaina's Birthday Party

We had a very pink first birthday party for Elaina on Saturday evening.  Almost everyone wore something pink, and of course there were pink balloons and pink presents and pink cake.

I made a huge pot of souvlaki, and dozens of pitas, and then my whole family (except Samuel) and Bryan's whole family came to eat dinner and celebrate!

Giving kisses to the birthday girl.

Singing Happy Birthday!
The white cake I made, but I used food coloring to make it a pink ombre.  I made a cream cheese butter cream frosting that turned out pretty well, too.
Elaina just sort of picked at it.  She didn't devour it with delight the same way her big sister did on her first birthday.
Bryan thought to grab my iPhone and get a video.

Everyone in pink!  Or at least, various shades of red.

Opening some presents.

Her first baby doll from her mama and daddy.

Digging into the gift bags.

Curious about her distorted reflection on the birthday card.

The children looking at and playing with all of the new things.

Holding two of my favorite two babies.  They're a lot bigger than they were six months ago
It was a fun time.  We are quickly outgrowing our living room.  Maybe we'll have to move into a bigger place at some point.

The next day, Elaina was giving her new baby doll some snuggles. 

I asked my sister to take pictures, so thanks for being my personal photographer, Katie! 
Most photographs taken by Katherine Botkin.

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  1. So cute! I especially love the line-up of Elaina eating her cake. :)