Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Help Me Win a Free Couch?

Friends, I have a request.

I would love to replace this ugly, uncomfortable couch with a new one. A local furniture store wants to give someone a brand new couch for free.  It's simple: the picture with the most "likes" wins.  Just  log into your facebook, then follow THIS LINK and click "like." No signing up for anything, or giving your personal information to anyone. The voting ends tomorrow (the 28th).  There are only 33 couches in the running, and right now the winning couch only has 127 "likes."  

The fabric is really pretty fantastically awful.
But the worst part is the torture one must subject themselves to while sitting on it.
It looks like it should be one of those perfectly comfortable couches.  But ooooh no.  Half of the springs are broken, and one fears that they might actually fall into the crack between the seat cushions and the back cushions.

So yes, here is a shameless request asking for a little help in winning a free couch.  Thanks everyone!

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