Monday, July 30, 2012

We Went to the Zoo

While we were in Oregon, we got to take the girls to the Portland Zoo! I was really excited about Chloë's first visit to the zoo. She loves looking at her animal books, and I was eager for her to get to see some of God's amazing creatures in person.

The Beckers came with us, and double stroller worked really well for Aaron and Elaina.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Oregon Coast

While we were in Oregon, we spent three nights at a beach house on the coast just South of Lincoln City. It was Chloë and Elaina's first visit to the ocean, and they loved it.

On Sunday, my family (sans Samuel) drove to the coast and stayed with us that night. It was quite nostalgic being at a beach so close to where my parents would take my siblings and me 20 years ago.

Monday was beautiful. 70 degrees, and barely a breeze.

Tuesday was a bit overcast, so we spent a little more time inside. By then, my family had left, and the Beckers had joined us.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oregon Wedding

It's been pretty quiet here on the blog. I guess I was just having too much fun on our week-long vacation to Oregon. And then of course there were bags to unpack, laundry to do, and oh yeah, 500 pictures to sort through. Maybe I got a little trigger happy with my camera's shutter button.

We stopped at Multnoma Falls, and had my brother snap a family shot.

We had to dip Elaina's toes in the cold water. She didn't mind for the first few seconds.

Then we got ready for Johanna's wedding. My mom graciously offered to do the flowers again, and I helped her as much as I could with two babies to keep an eye on. Bryan was out in the heat helping set up tables. Then the day of the wedding, I got to do the hair for all of the bridemaids.

The Ewers' backyard makes for a beautiful location for a wedding.

Andrew and Johanna.

Tim and Leah, who got married in the same place two years ago.

My dashing hunk of a husband.

My brother Isaiah entertaining Elaina.

Another attempt at a family photo. It wasn't going to happen.

My best friend's son Josiah isn't exactly afraid of cute little girls.

One of the bridesmaid's bouquet I helped put together.

The cake, waiting to be cut, under the archway that my mom covered in flowers.

The first dance.

We were so glad we made the drive to Oregon to be a part of the celebration. It is always so good to see all of the Ewers (and former Ewers). Especially Shannon. I love that our kids are so close in age, and wish we could see each other more than once a year. There was talk of getting together sometime after Christmas for a "Thanksgiving in March." I really hope we can all make that happen.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Iowa and Family

My family.

Everyone except Uncle Matt (thanks for taking pictures, Uncle Matt!).

Grandmother and Chloë. The little tin cup had been in the back of a closet for some 40 years. Inside it was a note scrawled by my Great GrandPolly, stating that the cup had a little hole in it, but maybe it would be good for a little plant.

My siblings at the Marcus pool.

Adding Chloë's mark to the closet door.

Helping Mimi make hummus.

Anna and Elizabeth crank out a batch of cookies.

With my dad, grandmother, and youngest daughter.

With my mom, my sister, my grandma and my girls.

With Elizabeth, Anna, and Katie.

Dad reads one of our childhood favorites to Chloë.