Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chloë's Birthday Party

We had a fun little birthday part for the One-Year-Old on Saturday. We tried to plan it so all of our immediate family could attend, but it's just impossible to do, we found. But we did have all of the baby's grandparents, most of her aunts and uncles, a set of great grandparents, and a few close friends.

Tissue paper flowers, and a birthday banner: my creative attempts for the party.

Mmm, food! I made "my" jalapeno popper dip, which I really just adopted and adapted from allrecipes a couple of years ago. Always a hit, especially with the guys.

The Birthday Girl!

Chloë greets guests as they arrive.

Aunt Katie shares some food with Eva and Chloë.

My mom's parents, Jack and Madelaine Moses were able to be come all the way from Oklahoma!

We were so excited that the Hughes' were able to be there. We've missed them since they moved to Florida a year ago.

And we're super bummed that the Dowers are moving to Seattle this coming weekend. We really are gonna miss these people.

Chloë trying to be sweet and share with and encourage Louella, but the poor girl had had a really rough day.

Time for Chloë's first birthday cake!

She didn't even cry when we sang her happy birthday.

I decided to go ahead and take her cute little shirt off so that she could smear strawberry shortcake everywhere.

She really seemed to enjoy it.

We opened a few presents.

All done and all tuckered out.

Friday, June 17, 2011

New Year's Resolution Complete

Not to loose weight, or become more productive, or to be more skilled, or more accomplished or to be a better wife and mother. All wonderful things. But not my resolution for the year.

We had a few friends over on New Year's Eve. It was four married couples, including ourselves. One friend was pregnant, and I knew the remaining three of us ladies were looking forward to starting or growing our families. So I proposed a toast at midnight: To having babies or getting pregnant!

And so, almost three weeks ago, on May 31st, I realized I had accomplished my one and only New Year's Resolution.

We were thrilled. And excited. And a little bit nervous. I lost weight in the first trimester with Chloë because of the severe morning sickness. So the day I found out I was pregnant, I started eating as much as I possibly could. It was fun. That lasted for a week. Then the nausea kicked in, and morning sickness has returned. But I know that means that Baby #2 is growing. I'm still semi-functional, but we covet your prayers for a good and relatively easy pregnancy, and for a strong and healthy baby.

It has been a joy sharing our exciting news with our family and closest friends. I had a white onsie and some old puff paint, so I made a fun shirt for Chloë. This is how we told our families.

I will be seven weeks along tomorrow. Baby #2 is due to arrive on February 3rd, 2012.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chloë Says Amen

She's been saying this for a while now, but rarely on command. I finally caught it this evening at dinner.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy First Brithday

My little girl is one today. I am amazed at how much she has changed in one short year. She used to be a tiny little thing that didn't do a whole lot other than sleep. She would sometimes squeak, slowly move her scrawny little arms around, and if we were lucky, open her eyes. Now she is this little person with such a huge personality, and so much life inside of her. She rarely sleeps, is always exploring and learning, and can move around the house with ease.

I knew being Chloë's mama was going to be wonderful. But the last year has been so amazing, so rich, so full of joy that I am blown away at God's grace and goodness.

Months 0 to 11, and then today, on her first birthday!

Happy First Birthday, Chloë! We sure do love you.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Small Town Excitement and More Videos of Chloë

There has been quite a buzz going around our quiet little town lately. Steven Spielberg and J. J. Abram's new movie Super 8 is opening in theaters across the country today. The movie's young star, Joel Courtney, was raised here in Moscow, Idaho. Not only that, but he still lives here (when he isn't on international promotional tours), attends the small private school that my husband went to, and he and his family go to our church's sister church. I actually sat right next to him at a volley ball game last spring. It's kind of fun having such a big deal come from our little town. We're all excited for Joel and the Courtney family, and wonder what will be next! Here's a fun interview with Joel that was in the Wall Street Journal.

In other news, my baby is still just as cute as ever. It is becoming more and more obvious that she's picking up vocabulary. Here is her favorite word.

She is also very helpful. Especially with things like doing the dishes.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Kisses and Chatter

I went up to Sandpoint on Saturday with my dad and my daughter. We went to my old friend Johanna's wedding. It was in the forest in the mountains, and it was a beautiful day. I didn't take my camera, so I have no pictures. But we had a good time and got to see lots of old friends. And Chloë gave her Mimi and Papa lots and lots of kisses.

Giving kisses is her favorite new thing.

She also likes to chatter whenever things get a little boring. Or if they get exciting. Or pretty much all the time. Sometimes she copies the sounds we make. But sometimes it seems like she is intentionally saying something different.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hike At My Parents

When we were at my parents last weekend, we went on a little walk. We always try to do this whenever we visit. My parent's property is amazing. My Dad and brothers have worked hard to clear out the woods and the banks along the stream. It's like a park there. I love it.

Watching the little waterfall from the pond overflow. She was intrigued.

Can you spot the man holding the baby?

Chloë was so happy. She loves being outside. She just looked around and smiled.

We come out of the woods on to the fields. It is breathtaking.

Papa carried Chloë most of the way. She had fun.

I sure do love this little girl.