Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chloë's Birthday Party

We had a fun little birthday part for the One-Year-Old on Saturday. We tried to plan it so all of our immediate family could attend, but it's just impossible to do, we found. But we did have all of the baby's grandparents, most of her aunts and uncles, a set of great grandparents, and a few close friends.

Tissue paper flowers, and a birthday banner: my creative attempts for the party.

Mmm, food! I made "my" jalapeno popper dip, which I really just adopted and adapted from allrecipes a couple of years ago. Always a hit, especially with the guys.

The Birthday Girl!

Chloë greets guests as they arrive.

Aunt Katie shares some food with Eva and Chloë.

My mom's parents, Jack and Madelaine Moses were able to be come all the way from Oklahoma!

We were so excited that the Hughes' were able to be there. We've missed them since they moved to Florida a year ago.

And we're super bummed that the Dowers are moving to Seattle this coming weekend. We really are gonna miss these people.

Chloë trying to be sweet and share with and encourage Louella, but the poor girl had had a really rough day.

Time for Chloë's first birthday cake!

She didn't even cry when we sang her happy birthday.

I decided to go ahead and take her cute little shirt off so that she could smear strawberry shortcake everywhere.

She really seemed to enjoy it.

We opened a few presents.

All done and all tuckered out.

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