Thursday, November 18, 2010

Four Years Ago

I was nervous and excited and eager. But I knew, I knew this was the man I was created to spend the rest of my life with. Four years ago today, Bryan and I were married on a cold crisp evening, in an auditorium framed with stained glass, on the campus where we met, went on late night walks, and said our first "I love you"s. My father, an excellent writer, described that day beautifully here, and here, and again here.

I am so blessed to be married to this wonderful man. Every year I reflect on how much stronger our marriage is, and how much more I love and respect him. Although we have made an effort to not be so mushy and gushy and grossing out our friends with our public displays of affections, I have to say that I am more madly in love than I thought humanly possible.

In the last four years, God has blessed me with every thing I have ever longed for, hoped for, and dreamed of: A handsome, loving, God-fearing husband with a job that he loves, becoming (and retiring from being) a nurse, traveling abroad, a beautiful house with big trees and a fire place, wonderful friends and amazing family and in-laws, a beautiful and healthy child, and a sound mind and healthy body.

How amazing God's Grace to bless me so richly.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Idler's Rest

Last Saturday was perhaps the most beautiful day I've ever seen November. Warm and sunny, we were glad when our friends Joel and Mary (and Louella) called us up and said we needed to do something outside. So we drove to Moscow Mountain and went on a little hike at Idler's Rest.

Bryan carrying the baby in the Bjorn.

Louella fell asleep on the hike in.

Chloë enjoying some kick and wiggle time.

The babies hanging out together.

We found some ladybugs.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day. I wish every Fall in Moscow were so nice.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I thought perhaps they were cousin-in-laws, but that is what my cousin's wife is to me. I don't think there are terms for how these babies are related. To break it down, Phoebe is my daughter's father's sister's husband's sister's baby. Someday they will have mutual cousins.

Aunt Laura holding Chloë, and her sister-in-law Emily holding her own baby Phoebe. They weren't quite sure what to think, but at least hand holding is always fun.

They got to meet each other for the first time last weekend. We had a lovely afternoon exploring the little town of Palouse, Washington, and exploring many fabulous antique stores.

Monday, November 1, 2010

My Little Merbaby

I made Chloë a mermaid costume for Halloween/All Hallow's Eve/the Reformation Fall Carnival. I had so much fun looking for material, and then coming up with a pattern. (And of course I just had to make a matching costume for myself.) I was very pleased with how her costume turned out, and I think she's the cutest little Merbaby I've ever seen.

I love her little sea shells. Quite adorable on a chubby baby.

Friday afternoon we went downtown to do some trick-or-treating. Or rather, to show her off to her Aunt Laura and Uncle Austin.

Then we went to the Mall and met up with some friends. Unfortunately, the group pictures we took were entirely over-exposed. Here's my baby practicing her mermaid model poses, I think.

On Saturday we went to the church's Fall Carnival.

Bryan with the Merbaby for the 0-3 category for the costume contest.

The "group" costume contest. The Mommy Mermaid with her Merbaby, and the Pirate that caught them. We didn't win either of the contests, but we had so much fun looking and the hundreds of amazing and creative costumes. Now what shall we do for next year?