Saturday, September 22, 2012


I moved all Chloë's toys downstairs a couple of months ago.  She doesn't really like braving the cold, dark basement by herself just to play with a few toys, so she spends a lot of time looking at books.

Sometimes she likes to read at a table.

She really like "reading" to Elaina.

She's always ready to listen to a story.

Sometimes she likes to just kick back.

But early morning story time with Dad is the best.

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Fair

I love going to our little county fair. Every year, I head straight for the elephant ear booth. My parents and sister were in town, and we devoured three elephant ears while we sat in the grass and listened to the band on stage perform music from the 70s.

Then we looked at all of the animals. Elaina wasn't quite sure what to think, but Chloë really enjoyed seeing so many animals.

Chloë loved looking at the baby goat kids, and the piglets and rabbits. She was peering into a goat cage when a goat loudly bleated in her face. The poor kid was startled and started crying, and said "daddy goat too loud!"

Looking at a mama pig and her piglets.

Elaina seemed slightly interested in the goat kids.

After we looked at all of the animals, we headed towards all of the bright lights and rides. Bryan had suggested taking Chloë on the ferris wheel, but I wasn't sure how much she would like it. We stopped and watched a few of the smaller rides, and after a minute of watching an orbiting hot air balloon ride, she said "I want to do it!" I wasn't sure if she would be tall enough to qualify for the ride, so we had her stand next to the 36" measurement line, and the top of her head just barely reached the mark. So she and Bryan got on the ride.

She was really excited for the ride to begin.

I think the fair ride was the highlight of Chloë's entire week. She kept talking about it for the rest of the evening, and will occasional remind me how much fun she had. "I like the spinning ride! Uh, spinning and go so high! Was SO FUN!"

Monday, September 3, 2012

7 Months

We've really made an effort to start calling Elaina by her actual name. We realized we had gotten into the habit of almost always calling her Tiny. We had to laugh a little when we realized that we rarely called her Elaina.We don't have anything against the cute nickname, but we don't want her to have an identity crisis when we teach her to write her name, and she doesn't know who "Elaina" is. So we've made an effort to use her real name, and have had to constantly correct each other for the first couple of weeks of making the transition.

I'm not sure what those pretty blue eyes of hers are going to do. They're still looking pretty blue to me.

She loves playing with toys on the floor, interacting with Chloë, and discovering the fabulous world of animals.

We've been letting her gnaw on carrot sticks and celery, and softer foods (like apples) through her mesh feeder. She seems to prefer fruits over veggies.

I finally got around to letting her actually ingest "real" food. I mashed up some of my greek rice yesterday, and she happily slurped it down. Her technique included sucking on her bottom lip while she worked the food with her tongue, but somehow she figured it out.

Sometimes when she is nursing, she presses the end of her thumb into her temple or forehead, and rotates her hand around the axis of her thumb. She does this especially when she's tired. She loves to have something against her face while she's falling asleep, and usually finds the corner of a blanket or pillow to rub on her face.

She's being introduced to all sorts of fun things. Chewing on shoes, chewing on feet, bonking her head on the coffee table, and the motion of remote controlled cars.

She loves getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth. She spends a lot of her floor time perfecting her rocking technique.

She will lunge forward just a little sometims, but hasn't quite figured out the forward motion. She can scoot backwards no problem, but she tends to get frustrated if a toy is just an inch out of reach.

I have definitely noticed an attitude change in the last couple of weeks. She makes sure to let me know if she not pleased with something. She can get really angry, and has a "I'm really MAD RIGHT NOW" shriek of disapproval. But sometimes she's really, really happy. She makes us work for her giggles and laughs, but they're so worth the effort.

At her Well Child appointment a couple of weeks ago, at 16.5 pounds, she was only 50th percentile for weight. I think she looks awfully chubby. I guess her "short" stature of being 25th percentile makes her seem a little extra chubby for her height.