Tuesday, September 17, 2013


It was overcast when we arrived in Skagway.  We had grand plans to get cheap train tickets and ride the twenty-some miles to go hiking on a glacier.  I had even borrowed appropriate boot wear attachments from friends.  But when our thrifty plans were spoiled by a hefty price tag, we pulled out the iPhone and discovered there was non-glacier hiking nearby.

So we headed towards Lower Dewey Lake.

The salmon were spawning, and consequently, dying.
This King Salmon was already dead. He was at least four feet long.
Death on one side of our path, and beauty and life on the other.
It was a good hike.  For me, anyway.  It was a rude wake-up call to how out of shape I actually am.
The little raging stream was perfect.

We arrived at Lower Dewey Lake, and it was still and quiet.
We had a little picnic lunch.
I sat by the lake for an hour, while Bryan (literally) ran up a couple of miles to see if he could make it to the upper lake.  But we were on a time crunch, so he had to turn back before he arrived.
Our time crunch was getting back to our port, and meeting up with the old bus that took us along a bumpy old road to the Liarsville Gold Rush Camp.
We even had a little show portraying what gold rush fever would have been like.
Then we learned the technique for gold panning, and got to pan for our very own gold!  We each found a few flecks.  Nothing to write home about.
Then we had a feast.  Fresh grilled salmon, reindeer sausage, and of course beans and cornbread.
Our bus driver dropped us off at the edge of the small town, and we wandered back towards our ship.
We stopped in at the Skagway Brewing Co. pub.  Good beer, actually.
We went hiking somewhere up there.
This cool old building was covered in driftwood.
Ready to get back on our ship.  See the blue glacier?
We had a beautiful sunset while cruising back down the channel.

Skagway was beautiful.

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