Monday, September 23, 2013

Glacier Bay

When we booked our cruise, we chose the one we did because our ship cruised through Glacier Bay.  It was spectacular.

This was Margerie Glacier; by far the bluest and most stunning of all the glaciers.

It was taller than our 14 story ship.

This one is what gets called a "dirty glacier."  Lots of dirt and rocks mixed in with the ice.

We spent a good portion of the afternoon on our friend's private balcony.
Lindsey, Ben (with his eyes closed, sorry Ben!), and Alexis.

Bryan and Tanner.

Just hanging out, watching for whales.  We saw lots, actually.  Over the course of our cruise, we saw orcas, sea lions, and lots of humpback whales.

See the tiny little splash?  This is the closest I came to photographing one of the many whales that made it's appearance.

So a little back story regarding our new friends.  On the second day of our cruise, we ended up sitting in a hot tub with some people that looked about our age.  We chatted, and really hit it off.  Alexis and Tanner make amazing art.  Alexis' brother Ben works for Apple, and his girlfriend Lindsey is at Yelp.  We kept bumping into them, and finally just started meeting up. 

We met up for some shuffleboard.  The wind gusts and ship rocking really challenged our technique.

But we still had fun.

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