Wednesday, September 25, 2013


It was raining a little bit when we pulled into port.
But I wasn't going to let a little rain put a damper on the adventure we had planned.

I have wanted to go zip lining for a very long time.  So when I saw that there were several zip lining options in our various ports, I started doing some research.  I discovered that the Alaska TourSaver coupon book had a buy one get one free coupon for zip lining at Alaska Canopy Adventure.

So that's what we did in Ketchikan.
The awesome red helmets kept the cables from zipping our heads open while we zipped along at 40 or so mph. 

Colby and Jen were our fun and competent instructors.
Did you know that the 17 million acre Tongass National Rainforest is the largest temperate rainforest in the world?  I didn't.

Overlooking the inlet we sailed to get to Ketchikan.

This slide at the end of our zip lining course was actually pretty awesome.

Our rig back down the mountain.

Some video of us zip lining!

Back at the headquarters, we had a picnic lunch, and then it was back to the cruise ship for us.

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