Sunday, September 8, 2013

Alaskan Cruise

Bryan and I went on a cruise to Alaska.  All by ourselves.  We left the girls with my parents for two nights, and then they went to Bryan's parents' for five nights.  It was a very long time to be away from our babies, but Bryan and I had such a wonderful time.  We thought it was the perfect blend of lounging and relaxing, and exploring and adventure.

We had been watching last-minute discounted cruise fares all summer, and booked our trip just one week before we embarked.  So we got up early a couple of weeks ago, drove to Seattle, parked our car, and sailed off into the sunset!

Watching the gray Pacific Ocean roll by.

The swells weren't too bad at this point, but we had some pretty choppy seas that first night.  I got a little bit sea sick.  But funny thing, the inner ear.  I adjusted really well (and very quickly), and felt great for the rest of the week.  But coming back home to solid ground made me feel a dizzy sort of rocking when I sat still.  I've been back on land for over a week now, and I think my balance is almost back to normal. Apparently this is a fairly common overcompensation of the inner ear.

The ship was 14 stories tall.  With a crew of over 1000 people, we felt a bit pampered.

Our tiny little inside cabin.  It was about two feet wider than our queen sized bed.

The first evening we checked out some of the on ship entertainment.  And of course they required a few volunteers from the audience. 

One of our views from deck 12.  We soaked in the hot tubs almost every day.  And the water slide was pretty fun.

We were a little bit spoiled with the endless supply of food.  We usually air on the side of frugal, so it was quite the splurge to sit down and order whatever we wanted from the menu.

Since we were all dressed up for dinner, we thought we should get a few pictures.

We really had a hard time keeping straight faces while we tried to be suave.  We just like to laugh.

One of our favorite places on the ship: the Spinnaker Lounge.

Breakfast one morning.  We loved being able to watch for whales (and other wildlife) whenever we wanted.  And we loved eating a half pound of bacon every morning. 

I took lots of pictures during our various shore excursions, so stay tuned.

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