Monday, February 17, 2014

Baby Will

Bryan's sister Jessie had her baby on early on Thursday morning.  Baby Will was born on his grandfather Kenneth's birthday.  (Which, I might add, was the day I guessed he'd make his grand entrance.)

At almost 9 1/2 pounds with lots of dark hair, William Kenneth Trotter is a pretty handsome little fella.  We got to meet him later that afternoon, and I'm glad I remembered to drag my camera along.

Chloë and Elaina were sooo excited to meet their new cousin.  We slathered their hands with sanitizer, and they promptly covered Baby Will in hugs and kisses and affectionate pats.  Chloë actually started sobbing when it was time to go home, because didn't want to leave.  Even after we got home, she would still burst into tears and exclaim that she missed Baby Will.

We have since had the pleasure of spending time with this sweet family a couple more times.  Kaleb and Jessie are absolutely wonderful new parents; aglow with excitement, wonder, and sleep deprivation. 

We love you so much already, Will!  Thanks for making me an Aunt!  We are so excited to see what God had planned for your future!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


The girls like to get all bundled up and head outside to play in the snow. 
Chloë is especially fond of eating the snow.  And the dirty icicles.

When they stay on the deck, I get to watch them from the kitchen. 

This was a couple of months ago.  Elaina is usually the adventurous one, but she just sat in the same spot and observed everything for about a half hour.

They're so cute all bundled up.

Last week the temperatures dropped down into the single digits, and we finally remembered to try frozen bubbles.  It was fun watching them quickly harden into ice bubbles.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Baby #3 is a...


Another girl!  We're going to have THREE GIRLS.

That is insane.
We had our big ultrasound yesterday, and everything looks wonderful. 
Four heart chambers, a beautiful little brain, ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes.  She even let us see her swallowing skills. (Mmmm, amniotic fluid!)
She gave us a solid wave hello.  ("They never do that," the ultrasonographer mentioned.)
Would you just look at that tiny little perfect leg?  Thigh, knee, calf, arch of her foot, toes...

She's perfect, as far as we can tell.

So far, Elaina wants to name her "Zshu-zshu-zshu Baby," and Chloë think we should call her "Uhluckah."  They both took to the news of a new little sister really well.  Chloë's whole face lit up when I told her the baby in my tummy was a girl, and Elaina blankly said "oh," and turned around and ran off.  Since we told them the news yesterday, my tummy has received lots of affectionate rubs, pats, and kisses.  "Goodnight, Baby Sister," they said, as they hugged my tummy last night. 

We are pretty excited.  And by pretty excited, I mean totally thrilled.  We're happy that she's safe and sound in my tummy, growing bigger every day, but we sure are looking forward to meeting her in 4 1/2 or 5 months.