Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Three Months Old

Blogspot recently revamped their website, and I'm having a miserable time figuring out how to adjust the layout of my posts.  If things look sloppy and weird, I do apologize. 

My baby girl is three months old.  How quickly these last three months have gone.  Elaina is a sweet, happy, chubby baby.  She is content to sit in her bouncy chair for a good portion of the day, while I putter around trying to get stuff done.  I do feel a little bit guilty that I don't just sit and hold and stare at her as much as I did with Chloë.  But I do get to snuggle her every two or three hours when she gets hungry.  She is so happy when someone is holding her and making faces at her.  She smiles and coos, and is so close to laughing.  She's given me a few one-second laugh sounds when I nibble her neck.  But she has yet to break into a full laugh.

She eats still eats every 2 hours or so during the day, but will give me about a 6 hour stretch at night, as long as she is swaddled.  She sleeps in the bassinet next to our bed, and it works out great.  She is awake a lot in the mornings, and a little bit in the evenings.  She is such a great baby.  I love her so much.

She is awfully adorable.  And getting quite rolly poly. 
 The eyes.  The jowls.  The pouty lip.  I love this girl.
She loves making spit bubbles.
And she really loves smiling at her mama.
She and her sister get along so well.
She poops a lot.  That is what babies do.  I'll give you one guess as to what she was doing at the moment this picture was taken:
Then apparently she thought it was knee-slappin' hilarious.
My chubby, happy girl.
Chloë loves her.

Her first dance with her Papa.

Getting all fresh and clean.

Lounging in her bouncy chair.

Really, I do apologize for the lousy layout.  I've spent about an hour trying to figure out this silly new system, and am about ready to throw my computer through the window.  Not really.  I think I'll just have to publish this less-than-perfect post and I'll go start dinner.

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  1. Hey Bess, if blogger did that weird new interface to you, no fear! I figured out a way to change it back. :D OK, see the button in the right hand corner of the screen that says "English"? Right next to that button is another button that has a little gear picture on it. Click it, and you will find another button in it that says "Old Blogger Interface". It will change your interface to the old one, and tada! Hope this works!