Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Babe and Kabe's Wedding

Because Jessie is the baby, she gets called "Babe" more often than not. So when Kaleb entered the scene last year, it only seemed natural to refer to them as "Babe and Kabe." And so, Bryan's baby sister got married on the 14th. I was a bridesmaid, Bryan was a groomsman, and Chloë was the flower girl.

Getting ready before rushing out the door for the busy day.

It was a beautiful day, and the pictures were taken at the U of I Admin Building, where Bryan and I got married and had our pictures taken 5 1/2 years ago.

I was so glad Bryan had his handy dandy iPhone and got some good pictures. I didn't bother bringing my camera.

After the pictures were taken, I changed Chloë into normal clothes, and she fell asleep in the car during our 12 minute drive to Living Faith Fellowship, where the ceremony took place. We had a little lunch, and then touched up our hair and makeup in a Sunday School room. I got both of the girls re-dressed and in clean diapers, and 20 minutes before the ceremony was due to start, I picked up Elaina to nurse her one last time before passing her off to my mom for a few hours.

I felt a splash of something hit my foot.

My arms extended to hold Elaina away from my body. I looked down and saw neon orange baby poo all over my foot. Nooo. This can't be happening.

I must have made some sort of squawking distress call, because within two seconds, Laura was at my attention and asking what she could do. She grabbed a baby blanket, and I set Elaina down, hoping there wasn't orange poo all over everyone.

I only had a little drip of the stuff near the hem of my dress, and it wiped right off. My foot probably should have been disinfected, but we didn't have time. After I got myself all cleaned up, I turned to Elaina, who was happily cooing and rolling around on the blanket we had set her on.

There was only a smudge of orange stuff on the lining of Elaina's pretty silver dress. It wiped right off. As I was changing her diaper, I could not understand how on earth the semi-liquid poo had escaped her diaper in such a tidy manner. When the diaper fails to do its job of containment, stuff always get everywhere. But not this time. 95% of the mess landed neatly on my foot. I was so grateful that I hadn't been passing her off to Jessie the moment that transpired.

God is so gracious, even in the little silly things.

By the time everything was taken care of, the candle lighters were on stage. Barefoot, with heels in hand, I dashed out of the classroom to catch up with the other bridesmaids. I had to run back for my bouquet, and was practically hopping down the hallway trying to buckle my shoes. I had about 30 seconds to compose myself before it was my turn to walk down the aisle.

And then Jessie and Kaleb got married.

It was beautiful and wonderful, and we are all so very happy. Jessie and Kaleb are both exceptional individuals, and we are so excited that God saw fit to give them to each other.

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  1. I was waiting and waiting for you to post about the wedding! And now you did and I'm so happy! Jessie looks soo pretty! I was so disappointed that we couldn't make it to the wedding.... Well I'm waiting to meet my new "cousin in law" someday in the future!