Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Little Oregon Trip

Bryan, Chloë and I drove to Oregon recently to go to a friend's wedding, and we had a great weekend. We hadn't been out of town in what seemed like a very long time. Traveling with a baby requires more effort and planning than when it was just the two of us. And it's especially tricky when the usually happy baby is sad and whiney because she's teething. Poor thing. She was such a trooper.

The first evening we spent near Salem with some of my oldest friends, and had what felt like a little mini reunion with some more of the old friends. We had a great time laughing, catching up , reminiscing and watching the kids play and run around.

Saturday we hung out for a bit, then did some shopping at an outlet mall, hit up Starbuck's happy hour, and made sure we made it to the church in the plenty of time for the wedding. Bryan and I have had bad luck in the past with traveling to go to a wedding, and then almost missing it because of traffic. So we got to the church two hours early. Ha.

It was a beautiful wedding. Ammy was gorgeous. Eric never looked so happy. The reception was great, with good food and lots of dancing. Since Ammy is originally from the Moscow area, and Eric lived here for a while too, we had lots of friends there and had a great time. Our poor baby wasn't the happiest, since she'd been teething all day and was tired since she didn't really have a nap, but we toughed it out.

My friend Ali took this picture of my poor, exhausted baby. Even passed out, she's adorable.
We stayed the next two nights with a kind family from the church there that offered to put us up.

Sunday we relaxed, hung out with the Bride's family, ate doughnuts, and went to a great Irish Pub called Highland Stillhouse in Oregon city. We had fabulous fish and chips, and Bryan had a sausage wrapped in bacon, dipped in batter, and deep fried. I think it should have been called the Widow Maker instead of The Braveheart Sausage.

Later we met up with other friends Tim and Leah and went out to Kenny and Zuke's for an early dinner.

Bryan got this picture on his iPhone of Chloë and Tim.

We loved the sandwiches that were taller than they were wide. And it was great to see Tim and Leah and catch up with them. We sure do like our Oregon friends.

We had some down time that evening, so we stopped at a little park along the Willamette River and pulled out the camera for the first and only time on our trip. A handsome pair of geese waddled out of the water, followed my seven adorable goslings. Chloë seemed a little unsure of them. Maybe it was because we were crumbling up her crackers and throwing them at the geese.

We had a great little trip to Oregon.

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