Monday, May 9, 2011

Family Visits

My life has been a bit crazy for the last couple of weeks. Thus the reason for my slacking here on the blog. But the craziness has subsided, as least for a few days. And now I have some things to blog about.

My parents, sister, and youngest brother were in town last weekend, and we had a quick but wonderful visit from my Uncle Geoff and his family. My dad's brother's family lives in Tennessee now, so we don't get to see them very often. Isaac and David weren't able to be here, but we had Uncle Geoff, Aunt Vicki, Anna, Elizabeth, Ben and his new sweet wife Audri, Lukas, and Noah. It was quite a house full. Perhaps someday we will have a grand dining room where 15 people can sit down and eat a meal together, but since we don't, we crowded into our living room and ate from plates on our laps. I pulled out my camera for a minute and got a few quick pictures on the wrong setting.

Aunt Vicki, Mom, Katie with her camera, Isaiah, Dad, and Uncle Geoff.

Chloë was overwhelmed by all the new faces at first, but eventually warmed up to everyone. Here she is having fun with Anna.

Aunt Vicki, Mom, and the baby.

Chloë looking extremely Botkin in this picture.

Daniel, trying to get the baby's attention, and Lukas. The only picture I got of them.

I stole a couple of pictures from my sister's Facebook to include.

Noah, Bryan, Bess, Anna, Ben, Audri, and Elizabeth.

Catching up late into the night.

We talked about some of our earliest memories visiting each other as young children, my visit with their family for two months when I was 19 when they lived in New Zealand, current projects, hilarious misconceptions, God's goodness, and our dear, dear Grandmother and Grandfather... among other things. There was lots of laughter.

It was a bit of a whirlwind. We were sad that they couldn't stay for more than an evening and a night, but we were so glad to see them and catch up a bit. The last time we saw them was almost five years ago. We're hoping it won't be that long until our next visit.

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