Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend At My Parents

We've been in the car an aweful lot lately. I don't mind so much, but Chloë is not a fan of being strapped in her car seat for more than a few minutes. One of us usually winds up riding in the back seat with her, and keeping her company. A happy baby is so nice to travel with.

So we drove up to my parent's house after Bryan got off work on Friday. We went to a couple of low key events, but mostly just rested and relaxed. Dad and I were both fighting migraines, just for old time's sake, I think. Katie drove up from Sandpoint on Saturday, and we even had a little early birthday party for her. We had chili for dinner, which is on of my sister's favorites. My mom's chili is so amazing.

I made a carrot cake from scratch with cream cheese frosting. Chloë really enjoyed licking the egg beaters after the frosting. Note: never use a blue plastic bowl for beating your frosting. Those little blue flecks won't be sprinkles.

Chloë did really well with the birthday song and watching Aunt Katie blow out the candles. We're practicing for her big day in a few weeks.

Birthday bread made by my dad. His secret ingredient? Kombucha.

This is what gifts look like when they're from my dad.

And since Aunt Katie is fluent in French, they had some joint birthday presents this year: a couple of children's books, in French of course. Here they are reading to each other.

What my parent's house looks like. Lots of bones and skulls, and lots and lots of paintings on the walls. The big skull is a bison skull. It's huge.

A rare moment of sisterly affection caught on camera.

The baby eating the kombucha bread. She loved it, and even preferred it over ritz crackers and cheerios.

Having a moment with Uncle Isaiah.

Emptying the block bucket. My dad made the blocks for my sister almost 30 years ago.

Bedtime bottle and story with Aunt Katie.

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  1. What a good place Bonners Ferry is for a weekend. In comparison to Colorado, it is so green. Our sky at the moment is pink with the smoke from the Arizona wildfires. Sam is heading home tomorrow morning, elated I am sure from the rugby team winning the national championship here in Denver this afternoon. a couple of pictures have been forwarded to Bonners Ferry. Great to have Sam in Colorado this winter and spring - can't believe it is over. Sounds like he will be back to Denver. Love the to family, John Hissem