Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wedding in Oregon

Last weekend we drove to Oregon for one of my best friend's wedding. The 8 hour drive took 10, but Chloë was a trooper and really did well, considering it was approximately 782 degrees.

Thursday. On our way we had to stop at Multnoma Falls. We even dipped her feet in the cold water, which she didn't seem to appreciate.

Friday. The site for the Rehearsal Dinner; a vineyard in Southern Oregon.

The Blakeys!

Saturday. The morning of The Big Day. Manicures and pedicures, of course!

We had at least a thousand dollars worth of flowers, almost all given by neighbors and friends. My mom spent all day Friday, and all of Saturday morning doing amazing work making them into bouquets, and I spent a chunk of time helping with the table bouquets. We had almost 30 sizeable bouquets when we were done.

Me and my beautiful little family.

The wedding was in the Ewers' back yard. It was beautiful.

Tim and Leah!

Botkins and Ewers! It's quite a story. The parents were friends in college, and then got married and each couple had five children. And we're all best friends. My sister was one of the beautiful bridesmaids.

Me and Shannon. She is my Ewers. Even though she's a Harlin now. And now we're starting the next generation: The Blakeys and Harlins. Shannon is expecting a boy in October.

The Reception!

I sure do love these two people. Chloë was a bit worn out, I think.

Dancing the night away!

We relaxed on Sunday (and helped with some of the post-wedding clean up), and then drove back on Monday. It was a great trip.

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