Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I realize this is a couple of weeks late, but I didn't want to exclude Thanksgiving!

We all went over to Mike and Penny Rench's, and we had quite a grand feast, complete with a smoked turkey. Everyone brought food, and we had a wonderful day of feasting. Let's see if I can remember everyone that was there. Greg, Diana, Katie, Samuel, Daniel, Isaiah, Patch, Deb, Austin, Laura, Christa, Jessie, Mike, Penny, Sam, Susanna, Charlie, Amy, Josh, Abby, Elliot, Lux, Greta, Maria, David, Alisha, Lewis, Eco, Bryan, Chloë and myself. That's only 31.

Mr. Rench carving away.

Almost ready.

Katie, Susanna and Charlie. And this was before the wine was corked.

Chloë has some rice cereal for her thanksgiving meal.

Eating time.

Chloë and Greta discuss the feast.

Me, Susanna, Katie, and Laura. Suz and Sam came up with these great props, and we had a lot of fun with them.

My sister and I are strange. I have no idea where we get it.

Greta, Suz and Sam.

Some of us have participated in the Great Thanksgiving Weigh In. We pulled the scale out of the bathroom, and did a weight check before we started eating, and then weighed back in after an hour. I managed to gain four pounds, which I was very happy with. Last year I was fighting morning sickness, which made for a lousy Thanksgiving dinner.

Great family, great friends and great food. Yes, I was thankful.


  1. I'm thankful someone likes my photos.

  2. Shoot! I was even going to credit you! Yes people, my dear sister-in-law Christa took some of these. The dress-up ones in particular.

  3. Actually, those were the only two Christa took. My sister Katie took the one of the empty table. So there.

  4. Oh we all know you get the strangeness from your father.