Friday, December 3, 2010

It is looking a bit like Christmas.

Happy December! I have really been slacking with the blog, I know. But here is the official "we got a lot of snow" and "we got a Christmas Tree" blog post.

Yes, we got our tree! It seems that we always seem to go get our tree when it is 3 or 4 degrees out, so I was pleased when we went yesterday afternoon when it was a balmy 30. Although my feet got soaked. (I need good winter boots, hint hint, Santa.) But it was worth it. Now to start the present wrapping extravaganza.

I am really this cheesy.

Snow. Yes. We have lots of it. A record breaking lot of it, apparently. More snow in November than we've had in a hundred years. It sure is beautiful, especially when the sun comes out.

Out our front door, looking at the house my parents are buying!

Man sakes alive, I love it all.

And just because I love that I can take a decent close up.

So there you have it. Late November happenings to come.

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