Thursday, December 9, 2010

EMSI Christmas Dinner

This post is especially for my dear Grandmother. Whenever I get dressed up and do something considered fancy for this small town, I can't help but think of Grandmother's many stories of glamour and high fashion; working in New York City and Paris, sewing herself fabulous gowns that were sure to turn every head in the room, and wining and dining with some fantastically interesting people. My life is not quite so glamorous, but I do enjoy a fancy evening out every now and then.

Yesterday evening was the highly anticipated EMSI Christmas Dinner. The company Bryan works for is extremely generous with their annual profit, and every year they put together a fabulous Christmas party. The attire is semi-formal, and I really like to get all dressed up once and while and even, perhaps, wear my new blue suede pumps. I wore the little black dress that I wore as Matron of Honor almost exactly a year ago, although I was 14 weeks pregnant at the time. It fit a little more comfortably this time around. And my jewels. Ah, yes, the tangled mass of beautiful (fake) pearls: a birthday present from my 16-year-old brother, Isaiah. And of course I had the most handsome date in town. Put the man in a tie and dress shoes, I've got myself a hot date for the evening.

We arrived at the historic 1912 Building in town, and mingled a bit with friends before sitting down with more friends. Nearly all 83 of us in attendance (as well as the dozens cooking and serving) just happen to go to our church, or one of the many good churches here in town, which really makes for an amazing room full people.

The dinner was catered by the fantastic West of Paris. A local, gourmet French restaurant, they certainly have the best food in town. They served a delectable five course meal, and Chef Foucachon himself came around offering seconds of the superb lobster bisque. I had cheese puffs, more bread and butter than I could handle, the bisque, steak and potatoes, salad and cheeses, and lavender crème brûlée. And wine. It was a glorious feast.

Every year a couple of the men put together the prestigous "EMSI Awards," which are always good for a few chuckles. Bryan won the "good-job-on-being-the-head-of-your-department-and-still-wearing-your-skate-shoes-and-BMXing-to-work" award. Maybe we shall frame it and put in the study.

Bryan's parents came to babysit Chloë, and they snapped a couple of pictures before we ran out the door. We had a wonderful time, and it was indeed, a grand evening.

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