Monday, December 27, 2010

Chloë's First Christmas

We all had a wonderful Christmas. My whole family came to town, along with our long-time friends, the Loewens. Before anyone arrived, we already had 50 presents under the tree. On Christmas Eve, we had around 170. It was like a 3D puzzle getting them to fit around the tree.

My mom brought the stockings that I woke up to every Christmas until I got married. She made them years ago, and I hope I can remember that I need to make some real stockings more than three days before Christmas next year.

The evening of Christmas Eve, we each opened one present. Here is Chloë opening her first Christmas present. Sort of. I had to help her.

And then we stuck the bows on her and she just becomes the most adorable baby in the whole wide world.

Christmas morning! This baby looks awfully adorable when she's just woken up.

Tasting her stocking.

Poor Samuel was so sick. He had been throwing up all night, but he managed to join us for a while.

Aunt Katie reading Chloë the German baby book that she gave her.

After some of the chaos.

John and Sherrie and my parents.

We had a fabulous Christmas morning with my family and the Loewens. In fact, this was the first Christmas morning I had had with my family in five years. It was good to have everyone together, even if poor Samuel was sick.

So then we loaded the car with food and gifts, and drove to Bryan's parent's house.

Mama and Daddy helping with more presents.

Aunt Laura helping Chloë ride the reindeer. She has never had a more "Blakey" expression than this one.

Listening to Grampa sing.

Christmas is so much fun.

Then she got all tuckered out, and took a little nap with Aunt Christa.

Our Christmas Feast. Chloë even joined us in her brand new highchair that her daddy assembled that afternoon. We were just sorry that Katie, Samuel and Christa weren't able to join us.

Chloë was not a fan of the apple slices in her new feeder contraption.

Aunt Jessie got some smiles and giggles out of Chloë.

The grandmas looked on while I tickled the baby.

Chloë had a wonderful first Christmas. Too bad she won't remember any of it.