Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Couches

After almost 7 years of marriage, we bought new couches!  Aside from our bedroom furniture, it's really the only furniture we've ever bought new.  They feel pretty fancy.

We have been talking about buying new couches for a while now.  We liked the ones we had, but we knew having a cream colored couch was just not practical with kids around.  So we did lots and lots of research.  We wanted something that wasn't just plywood and cheap materials, but we really didn't want to spend our life savings on a couple of pieces of living room furniture.

We found Stanton Couches, out of Oregon, and loved the way they built their stuff.  We kept going back to Style 109, but knew we wanted a medium gray.  After looking over hundreds of fabric swatches, we decided on "Expectation Heather."  So we ordered these on faith.  We hadn't seen more than a picture online, so we were praying that we wouldn't be disappointed.  They were delivered a week ago, and we sure do love them.

I love the sleek lines.  I'm hoping they last us a good 10 years.  We'll see how they hold up with kids jumping on them, eating on them, and expelling bodily fluids on them. 

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