Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ballet Class

For a while now, Bryan and I have been talking about introducing Chloë to some sort of classroom setting.  We want to make sure our kids know how to respect adults that they aren't necessarily related to.  So we considered swimming lessons, or various sports, and finally decided on ballet class.  It was a five day "camp," and an hour every day seemed like a good introduction. 

I had been collecting ballet stuff at garage sales, so last week we were ready.  She was really excited.  I think going to see Swan Lake last Spring might have influenced that excitement.
Her fine, wispy hair was a challenge to keep up. 
Lots of hair clips and hairspray helped.

These pictures are from her third day in class.  She was so eager to learn.
I was so proud of how well she paid attention and listened to instruction.
Of course she's still pretty rough around the edges, but not bad for a kid that turned three last month.

This video is from the second day.  I wish I would have waited until the fifth day, because I was actually pretty impressed with how much she improved in a few short days.  Kids are such sponges.

She was sad when I told her that ballet was all done.  I'm so glad she enjoyed it, and is already looking forward to next time.

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