Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Resurrection Day!

After we got home from church on Sunday, I put a chair on the coffee table, and positioned my camera appropriately on the chair.

While checking the camera settings, I managed to get some great candid shots.
Then I set the camera's timer, and told everyone to look at the camera and smile.  Miraculously, even my one-year-old followed my instructions.
Then I wanted to get a few pictures of the girls. 
Even though they don't have matching dresses, I still think my girls are adorable.
I couldn't get them to both smile nicely towards the camera.
But Chloë got super excited when we brought out the candy.
Then she got grumpy that we weren't done taking pictures yet.
But then she cheered up and got super cute.  This is my favorite picture:
She just looks like such a big girl.

I'm amazed at how much we've changed since last Easter.

So Happy Resurrection Day, everyone!  He is risen, indeed!

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