Friday, April 19, 2013

California, part 2

We spent three wonderful days with our friends the Dowers. Joel and Mary moved to Arroyo Grande last year, and we have missed them.  Chloë and Louella had a fabulous time together, as usual. 
We got to meet baby Hugh!  Although he wasn't much of a baby anymore. 
Petite Elaina (almost 14 months) and Humungous Hugh (almost 5 months) next to each other.
We ate lots of good food, and spent a lot of time at the beach.
The next day we went to another beach.  It was surprisingly chilly the whole time we were there, but we didn't care.  It was the ocean and sunshine!
Bryan and Joel actually got out in the cold water. 
The girls found some shelter from the cold wind.  Note that Chloë is soaked.
Love this man.
Playing with sand crabs.

Since Mary cut my hair for four years, I was eager to take advantage of her hair chopping skills.  It turned out perfectly.

We explored the little Danish village of Solvang.
It's really too bad these guys moved so far away from us.  We really like them a lot.

We went to Santa Barbara, and had to check out a little place that was apparently well known in the area: La Super-Rica Taqueria. We stood in line for about a half hour just to order our food.  Shortly after we sat down, Mary said "I think that's Rob Lowe over there.  And maybe Gwenyth Paltrow?" I was sure she was wrong, because I'm from Idaho, and we know celebrities don't really exist in person. But I glanced over at the table 20 feet away from us.
Far left, Rob Lowe.  Yup.  And some lady with a blonde ponytail that could have been Gwenyth Paltrow.
But wait, is that the lead singer from Coldplay?  Oh yeah.  Chris Martin.  Hasn't he been married to Gwenyth for 10 years?  And they have two kids together, Apple and Moses?
Sure enough.  It was Gwenyth Paltrow.  And Chris Martin.  And Rob Lowe.  Just some celebrities out with their families for a late lunch.  Despite our being distracted, we really loved the food.

Our last stop at the beach, even though it was pretty chilly.

It was such a great vacation.  Maybe we'll do it again sometime.

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