Sunday, April 14, 2013

California, part 1

We got back from our fabulous vacation to California a couple of weeks ago.  We had signed up for the Southwest credit card last year, and finally decided to put all of those free miles to good use.  We paid virtually nothing to fly to LAX and back.
Both of the girls did relatively well on the flights, which was a merciful answer to prayer.  Chloë was totally excited about all of the juice and peanuts.

When we landed in LA, we had to take a shuttle bus to the car rental lot.  Chloë was thrilled.  She had never been on a bus before.
We spent some time at Bryan's grandparent's house.  It was fun watching Bryan survey the house and yard for memories.  And of course the girls had a fabulous time doing some of the same things their daddy did when he was a little boy.

Elaina, discovering Spring. 
Both of the girls loved playing in the sprinkler.
Especially Chloë.

It was snowing when we left Idaho, so being in 80 degree weather was spectacular.
Elaina still likes to taste things.  She did not approve of the dandelions.
The girls' great Aunt Bonnie and great Aunt Becky had some birthday presents for the girls to open.
You can see that the girls just enjoyed the sunshine and warm concrete.

We even managed to get a decent group photo. L to R: Chloë, Bryan, Bess, Aunt Bonnie, Gramsie, Grandad, Elaina, Jeffrey, Michael, Becky, and Scott.
Chloë had a serious staring contest with Michael, her first cousin once removed.
Elaina snuggled up to Jeffrey, her first cousin once removed.

The day before we returned to Idaho, we got to see my Aunt Denise and Uncle Craig, and introduce their great nieces to them.  We had a lovely dinner, and Chloë showed them her dance skills, and Elaina demonstrated her walking skills.

We had such a lovely time visiting with so much of our extended family in California.  And of course we didn't mind the warm weather.

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  1. It was fun to see Gramsie and GrandDad's patio and hear their voices!