Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Tree

We got all bundled up last week, and went out after Bryan got home from work, in search of a Christmas Tree. It was quite cold, but Chloë enjoyed getting in and out of the car at the different tree lots, and was especially delighted that she got to wear little gloves.

I thought perhaps I would be willing to "settle" for a Douglas Fir (since they're quite a bit cheaper than a Noble Fir), but I just couldn't do it. The Noble is just so... perfect. The other dilemma was what size tree we wanted. We weighed the pros and cons of a regular height one, versus a shorter one that would fit on an end table. We decided to go with a shorter one. Even though we knew there would still be ornaments hanging in temptation's reach, we figured the less temptation, the better.

So we came home with a nice little Noble Fir, and got to work setting it up, with some help from our favorite little helper.

Inspecting their work.

Helping Mama hang the ornaments.

There are a few pretty ornaments and sparkly lights within the reach of a curious 1-year-old, but we didn't use any glass ornaments this year, and she has really been very good about not touching.

There it is, all pretty and ready for Christmas.


  1. That is really pretty!

  2. I agree the Noble Fir is the BEST! We had some good ones when we lived in Oregon and could pick them up at the U-cut place for only a few dollars.

    You all picked a lovely one, too. It looks perfect.