Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Baby in the Belly

Last night, Baby #2 went crazy. 32 weeks, 4 days, offcially. We managed to record a little bit of it, but this went on for about an hour, and without the aid of any caffeine or spicy food. My abdomen is actually sore this morning. Her thrashing woke me up out of a dead sleep last week, and last night I actually let out a couple of squawks of discomfort with her in utero karate moves. Neither of those things happened with my first pregnancy. #2 is a very active child, to say the least. Even more so than Baby #1, which makes me nervous, considering how active Chloë has always been. I think I might have a little hurricane child on my hands in a few months. Praise God.


  1. That's kind of amazing. Phoebe never moved that much...and Baby #2 is moving more, but no where near that much! haha.

  2. Wow! So cool to see! :) My first two did move...but nothing like James! He would kick me until, like you, I was actually SORE! :) Happy baby in there!

  3. Wow! Baby number #9 is kickin and moving too!