Monday, November 14, 2011

17 Months

Chloë is very much a little girl. Sweet and sassy, all in the same moment sometimes.

Tonight at dinner, Bryan and I were laughing hysterically at her frantically shoving pieces of chicken into her mouth, and then doing an open-mouthed teeth-grinding chew. She is hilarious.

If we are trying to get her to eat something she isn't very fond of, she'll hold a bite of food in her mouth for minutes at a time. We're working on that.

She loves brushing her teeth. When it's time to start the bedtime routine, we "get fresh" (what we call changing her diaper), put on jams, and brush teeth. She runs around the house shrieking "Teet! Teet!" in excited anticipation.

Chloë is a really friendly little girl. Whenever we're out and about, she seems to make a point to brighten someone's day; usually just by smiling and waving and saying hi. She really likes to say hi to other kids, and anyone even a tiny bit smaller than she is is a "baby!" She also likes to wave and say hi to to animals, and even inanimate toys and random objects.

A couple of weeks ago, we were hanging out with Ali and Sam, and as usual, Chloë used her extremely sweet and high-pitched voice to talk to baby Sam. At one point, she looked at him, held her arms out, and asked "Up?" So she held her first baby.

She was absolutely smitten. I think she's going to be a wonderful big sister.

She likes to talk on the phone, whether or not there is actually anyone on the other end. In fact, sometimes she comes up with the most elaborate conversations when there isn't anyone there.

She has added so many new words to her vocabulary, I've lost track. A few of my favorites this month are hair bow: "ah-bow," wash: "wash," stuck: "thduck!" apple: "ah-pah," and super "thuper!" It seems like every day she uses a new word that I didn't know she knew. Anything sweet and dessert-like is "cake." Last week her daddy taught her this weird deep growly voice, and she totally loves using it.

She loves books. Sometimes she'll even sit still long enough for me to read one to her. She usually prefers to thumb through them at her own pace, making up her own story.

We pulled her bouncy chair out of the closet a couple of weeks ago, and she really has a lot of fun in it.

(She says "bounce," and then does so while doing a little bit of her fake laugh. Then she sings a little bit of her favorite made-up song "sim-AH, sim ah," and then she gets "duck.")

She is a very sweet girl, offering to share all sorts of things with people she loves. Her food, her toys... we've even caught her offering her sippy cup to the grandparent's dogs.

She is just a very affectionate girl. If I'm not feeling well and resting on the couch, she'll sweetly pat my arm or back or shoulder, sometimes even doing her best impression of her daddy's massages. She'll rest her head close to mine and say "Oh, Mama," and give me little kisses. It absolutely melts my heart.

She is still extremely cuddly, when she's tired, or when she's just being sweet.

She's great at stairs. If I leave the baby gate open, I don't worry. She loves to crawl backwards (or slide feet-first on her tummy) down the stairs, and spend a few minutes exploring and playing by herself. It doesn't take too long for her to get lonely, and she wanders back upstairs to be in the same room I am in.

This month we introduced Chloë to the fun world of drawing. She loves it. I was surprised at how naturally she held her drawing utensil.

She loves to push buttons. I think it may stem from her finger-picking fetish. If she has something with a button or two, she's as happy as a clam for quite a while. Our new car has the little remote lock key ring, and the other day she sat on my bed, happily pushing the buttons over and over for a good 20 minutes. If you offer to share your cell phone with her, she will be your new best friend.

(I think she looks so much like the pictures of her Uncle Samuel when he was a toddler.)
She's getting really good at her daddy's iPhone, too. She's known how to "unlock" it since she was 9 months old. Last month she managed to change the date on my iPod to January 1974, and somehow deleted a couple of my apps. So now both the iPod and the iPhone are password protected in order to unlock them. But I get the feeling it won't take her much longer to figure out that 1-3-7-9 is all it takes to access the amazing world of touch-screen fun.

She loves going outside. She loves putting on her hat and scarf and coat and shoes, and waiting by the door. She would live outside if she could, I think.

We took a few pictures of her all dressed up and playing with a balloon. She thought it was pretty great being the center of attention.

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