Friday, October 7, 2011

This Week

Saturday, I helped throw a Baby Shower for Ali's adorably handsome Samuel David Tong III.

Told ya he was adorable and handsome.

Our friend Hope helped me throw the shower, and she made a great banner, and some amazing bacon parsley quiches. I made fresh apple pear cider (I picked the fruit from the trees in my backyard, but decided it was a little ridiculous to spend three hours making a gallon of cider), apple cinnamon craisin muffins, fruit platters, and, of course, I wanted to get crafty so I made some fun garland and decorative toothpicks.

The garland was a lot of fun to make: shimmery cardpaper punched into circles and fed through my sewing machine. I stole the idea from my friend Betsy.

Sunday was my birthday. I am now 28. Most of my family was here, and we had a fun birthday lunch and little party out at my in-laws' house with friends and family. Everyone did such a great job spoiling me. Especially my husband.

The only picture of me, on my birthday. With my sister Katie and our friend Lydia. I just wish the lighting had been a little better.

Monday and Tuesday, Chloë and I were sick. We slept lots, and cuddled on the couch together the rest of the time.

And then yesterday I made jam. I had 25 cups of mashed raspberries in my and my mother's freezers, and decided it was time to jam. So I spent the entire afternoon making five batches of yummy low-sugar raspberry jam.

40 jars of jam. Won't need any jam for a while.

It has been cool this week. I've been wearing sweaters, turned on the furnace, and the leaves are starting to change colors. And now suddenly it is time to think about a Halloween costume for the girl, Thanksgiving plans (which have been mostly sorted out), and start planning for Christmas.

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