Friday, October 21, 2011

Hemangioma Update

It has been six months since I've blogged about Chloë's hemangioma. Back in February, we saw Dr. Dominey, and decided to quit the Timolol treatment. In March, things look virtually unchanged, and so we have had no appointments or treatments for six whole months. And in that time, the hemangioma has hardly changed. As Chloë grows and skin stretches and grows, I think it's normal to see a very minimal amount of change in the shape.
So here is six months ago, and here is this week.

There is a slight difference in camera angle, but I think you can see that very little has changed in six months. And, just for a good comparison of what has changed, check out the picture from exactly a year ago, shortly after we started the Timolol treatment.

We had a short appointment with Dr. Dominey, and we basically just reiterated what we said six months ago: let's just wait and see what happens over time. She mentioned that there have been some success stories of the use of oral beta blockers in her recent literature. I said we might consider it in a few more years, when Chloë is older and her body is better able to handle such a drug. But for now, we wait and see what the next year or two brings. Maybe it will start to fade on it's own.

So we continue to do nothing. It is almost funny how I don't even see the hemangioma anymore. Her hair is long enough to put in pig tails, and I don't think twice about doing so. We get a very occasional question from a stranger, but people are usually so distracted by her diva personality that they don't even notice the spot behind her ear.

God is good.

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