Friday, September 16, 2011

We're having a...


Chloë is going to have a sister.

And we're going to have two little girls!

(We went to the mall after the ultrasound, and oh, whaddaya know, I found myself picking out some cute dresses on clearance for my daughters for next summer. I am so very excited.)

I've been sick with some weird flu and cold bug this week, which landed me on the couch for a few days. Yuck. But I managed to make it up to Spokane yesterday and keep our ultrasound appointment for Baby #2. Bryan took the day off from work so he could come, and was a great chauffeur for my sick and tired self.

As soon as the ultrasound was up on the TV screen, Bryan pointed and told Chloë it was a baby. "Bay-bee! Bey-bee!" she kept repeating, and pointing to the screen. She did this periodically throughout the hour long appointment. We thought it was so sweet, but also curious, since there really wasn't anything on the screen that resembled any baby she'd seen. But she was obviously excited.

Everything looked perfect.

There she is. Our beautiful little girl. With brains, too.

She's got a fist against her nose.

We got to see her practicing her breathing, which was amazing to watch. Her little chest and abdomen moved in quick repetition for a few seconds. Breathing! My tiny baby that is the size of a banana, and doesn't even have air to breathe. We saw her yawn a couple of times. Big, open mouth, regular old yawn. She kept putting her hand up to her face and mouth. She wasn't actually sucking her thumb, but she really seemed to prefer a hand next to her face. Her little heart was galloping along in the 160s again. Perfect little heart with four chambers. And we saw her liver and kidneys... it's impossible not to be overwhelmed at the beauty and goodness of our Creator. There's a little person, living and growing inside of me!

Kind of a sideways shot of her lower arm and slightly closed hand.

Look at her perfect little foot!!!

The baby had her legs together and even crossed throughout the ultrasound until the very end. I kept praying that we would get a glimpse of the gender, since we (probably) won't be having any more ultrasounds. Bryan and I were so convinced that we were going to find out we were having a boy. This pregnancy has just been so different than the last, and surely there was a logical explanation for it. Besides, we both just had "that feeling," and all of our instincts were right with the first pregnancy.

We were wrong.

So there you have it. She's definitely a girl.

This is a long video, but here's your very first video of our beautiful second daughter. (At least check out a few seconds right after the 2 minute mark. You can see heart and then you hear it beating. And at 5:45 you can see her little chest contractions of her practicing her breathing. How amazing.)

Only 4 1/2 months, and we get to meet her! I am so excited.


  1. If it matters any, ultrasound told us our second was a girl, but he was a boy. So you just never know.

  2. Bess -- SO AMAZING! She looks beautiful (of course). And the video is awesome. Love it! Thanks for always sharing, seester. :)

  3. So cute, so tiny, so wonderful!
    Love your comments, love her, love you!

  4. How fun! Love the dresses you got for your girls! :-)