Monday, September 12, 2011


We've been a little busy the last week and a half. I also managed to splash milk on my laptop (yes, it was me leaning over the laptop while holding a glass of milk), and so we left the computer off for four days hoping it would be completely dry when we turned it back on. A couple of the keys are a little finicky, but everything seems to be running great. I'm very thankful that I didn't ruin everything.

Two weekends ago we drove over to Seattle to visit friends and just enjoy a little vacation out of town. Bryan took Friday off and had Monday off for Labor Day, and we had a grand ol' time.

Friday afternoon we went to a used car lot and poked around looking at all sorts of different vehicles. We decided that we really can't get by without a main vehicle with all wheel drive or 4 wheel drive for the winters here. We just didn't make it up the hill to our street a few times last winter, and we would like to avoid that this winter... especially if we have a newborn in February. Needless to say, we looked at lots of different options, but didn't walk away with a new-to-us car. We've been doing our homework all summer, and will keep looking until just the right thing turns up for us.

We stayed with our dear friends Joel and Mary Dowers and their little girl Louella. They moved from Moscow a couple of months ago, and we really miss having them around.

Saturday morning we met up at Greenlake Park with our old friends Luke and Katie, and their three kids Kay, Noah and Marae. The kids enjoyed the big playground for a while.

Chloë and Kay playing together in the sand.

Katie and adorable Marae.

Luke and Bryan with Chloë and Noah.

Chloë really enjoyed the sand.

But I think she liked the swings even better.

After lots of good playing, we took a short walk along the lake. I've discovered that if I walk very much, my body protests by giving me lots of little contractions. Probably not a big deal, but I've been trying to avoid lots of walking and being on my feet.

Stopping on the edge of the lake for a rest.

We spent the rest of Saturday with the Dowers, and Mary and I even did a little shopping while our girls napped, and had a nice relaxing evening.

Louella and Chloë played so well together. It was interesting to see Chloë inspired by Louella's walking abilities, and Louella trying out new words that Chloë was using.

They aren't exactly playing together here, but this is the only footage I got of them together, so here ya go.

On Sunday after church, we took a picnic lunch to Gas Works Park and tried to stay cool in the unusually warm Seattle weather.

Louella looking gorgeous and playing hide-and-seek games with her mama.

Sitting on the edge of Lake Union.

Downtown Seattle.

The girls enjoying the water.

Everyone cooling off a little.

We heard a constant drum beat, and upon investigation found a small crowd of people dressed up in medieval attire having some sort of duals. It was interesting.

Louella munching on some pears while we watched.

We went back to the Dowers, let the girls nap, and then ventured into the downtown area for some dinner. We were going to check out a Cajun restaurant, but they were booked, so we ended up at T.S. McHughs Irish Pub & Restaurant. It was wonderful, and we all extremely full when we left.

On Monday, we went to a fun little park down the street from the Dower's. There were lots of ripe blackberries along the way.

Chloë really like them.

Bryan having a little fun.

As usual, Chloë was thrilled to play in the sand.

This is how she fell asleep on the way home from the park. Poor sleepyhead.

Then the men went to a brewery while Mary and I stayed with the girls while they napped, and then we said our goodbyes and hit the road for home. We had a great weekend in Seattle, and as usual, can't wait to go back.

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