Monday, September 19, 2011

Runaway Symphony

We got to see my brother Daniel last weekend for the first time since June. He's been touring the country with his band, Runaway Symphony. I know I'm biased because I'm his big sister, but I really do think he's talented. And the guys he plays with aren't bad, either.

His tour is actually what brought him back to town. His band was one of several to perform at the annual NuArt Block Party.

Daniel is the lead singer, plays guitar and occasionally the piano. Yeah, he's good.

Watching the fun.

They cover Josh Ritter's song "Idaho."

One of their original songs, Broken Bones.

Some of their merchandise. The t-shirts were designed and screen printed by Daniel himself. The CDs contain a few songs that they recorded last Spring before they started tour. They didn't have time to put together a finished product, so they ripped some songs on to some all purpose CDs, and Daniel got out the sharpie and drew on each one.

Check out the page they have set up with a few of their recorded tracks. I like Broken Bones.

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