Saturday, July 9, 2011


We have one 4th of July tradition: to make the 7 or 8 minute drive from my parent's house to the Copeland Bridge on the Kootenai River. The water is usually high, and very cold, and this year it was especially so. No one jumped off the bridge this year. Which is fine. It's a 40 to 50 foot drop, depending on how high the water is. And I'm not quite the daredevil I was 8 or 10 years ago. Huh.

Bryan, Isaiah, Lewis and Samuel.

After we play on the dock, we walk across the bridge and play in the knee deep mud. Chloë fell asleep on the drive there, naturally. It was her nap time, after all. So Mimi stayed close to the car, and the rest of crossed over to the other side.

Walking across the bridge, pausing to play Pooh Sticks.


Katie, of course.

Isaiah again.

Lining up for a race in the knee-deep mud. Bryan, Lewis, Samuel, Katie, and Isaiah.

So Lewis won. There are no real rules in this race.

Samuel and Bryan for a short race.

Walking back.

Man, it sure it beautiful up there.

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