Friday, July 15, 2011

13 Months

Chloë is 13 months old now. I try not to call her "baby" any more, even though it's so hard to call her anything else. She isn't officially a toddler yet, and "girl" just seems so grown up! But she is growing up, and getting big.

She's eating like a grown up now. We make sure she has lots of fiber and fruits and really try with the veggies. Today I got her to eat peas by putting a little butter, sour cream and garlic on them. She has a big smoothie every morning for breakfast, and then usually has a quesadilla or PB&J for lunch, and whatever we're having for dinner. She snacks on cereal or crackers or deli meat and cheese, and drinks out of sippy cups. She'll have milk in a bottle, but not in her sippy cup, which is really weird. She still has four teeth on top and two on the bottom (with more coming soon, we think), and does really well taking bites out of just about anything. She's a lot of fun to eat with.

Chloë likes to bonk her forehead into our headboard when we bring her to bed in the morning. She'll just stand there and bonk her head over and over. And she's absolutely loves it when I tickle her, and we often have a good tickle session in the morning. She's great at high fives, and still likes to pick at fingernails when she's mellowing out.

Besides Mama, Dada, Papa, Mimi, Dog, Amen, Truck, Cracker and Nose, she also knows Hi, Up, Down ("Dah"), Hot, Cold ("Coe"), Cool ("Coooo"), Uncle Sam ("Saaaah"), Out Side ("Ah Sah") and Baby. Today we realized that when she claps and says "Pah kah, pah kah," over and over, she's saying Patty Cake.

We taught her four signs, and that's probably all we'll do since her vocabulary is taking off. Please, More, Thank You, and All Done have been very useful.

She has some good tricks, like showing off how old he is. She is a super speed crawler, especially if she thinks she's being chased. She walks along furniture and walls and the kitchen cupboards with ease. She can get up and down a flight of stairs no problem, although we make sure the keep the doors and baby gates latched.

Sometimes she's really silly, and we just discovered that she like sunglasses.

Chloë is a really sweet and affectionate little girl. She loves to pat a shoulder if we're holding her, and she loves giving us kisses. Often times if one of us asks for a kiss, she'll just go back and forth 20 or 30 times, kiss for Mama, kiss for Daddy, until she's all full of kisses.

She's pretty great.


  1. That is a most impressive vocabulary for 13 months! All the videos are very cute!

  2. AH! 5 videos and it's STILL not enough! I love these videos and your posts SO much, Bess! I live for 'em, even if I get to see the munchkin every Sunday!