Thursday, July 21, 2011

Here for a short Summer

My brother Samuel took a little hiatus from his life in Denver, and spent most of it here in Moscow, right next door at my parent's second house. It was so wonderful having him around for a few weeks. For as much as we picked on each other when we were kids, and for as much as I tried to boss him around a few years later, we've always been great friends.

My mother will tell you he has "a sensitive side," and tell little stories of his sweet nature and thoughtfulness even as a toddler. He's all tough and muscles now, but he is very sweet and affectionate to Chloë, and missed her like crazy the 6 months he was away. The first day Samuel was back, Chloë wasn't too sure about the fuzzy faced man that was around all the time, but she quickly warmed up to him, and would get excited when she heard the side door open, because she knew that meant Uncle Sam ("Saaaah!") was coming over.

A few days after her birthday, showing off how old she is.

A solid chase-and-tickle session.

Uncle Samuel sharing his cereal!!!!

All of my brothers! Left to right: Daniel, 22, Samuel, 24, and Isaiah, 17.

Alas, Samuel has returned to his life in Denver. He was just promoted at his job at Jump Energy, and will continue to play for the Glendale Raptors Rugby team. Chloë sure is going to miss her favorite Uncle Samuel. How wonderful it is to have such great technology as Skype.

P.S. For those of you who watch TV, Samuel had a totally random opportunity last Spring. He was all decked out in his nicest suit in downtown Denver, and happened to walk on to the set of Wendy's commercial. They gave him lots of free ice cream, filmed him, and he wound up signing contracts and getting a small sum of money for his 2 or 3 second blurb in the Wild Berry Frosty commercial that is currently being aired nationally. So watch for the handsome dude looking sharp in his business suit, and you'll see him!

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  1. Chloe is so ridiculously, and adorably, expressive!