Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sunny Saturday

It was a beautiful day today.

Since we have a big yard now, there is lots of work to be done outside. I managed to prune all my rose bushes, pruned an apple tree, weeded my flower beds, tossed wood, hauled logs, gathered sticks, and took some pictures of my happy baby exploring the details of God's beautiful creation. She loved being outside. I think her favorite part was trying to eat the sticks.


  1. Wow. You sure got a lot done in one day outside! Chloë looks happy too.

  2. Ahh... I just love summer. Over in Minnesota it's might go up to 70 tomorrow! Horray!

  3. I'm jealous now, but I'm sure that when I have a yard that big I'll be hiding inside pretending that it's still covered in snow because there will be so. much. to. do. But you seem to have a good handle on it! Let me know if you need help! I'm sure Bella would love to come pick up all the sticks or something (and I could help too ;) ).