Monday, April 18, 2011

Feeding the 400

Or more accurately, beginning to prep the food for feeding an estimated head count of 400.

Sarah and I have been doing lots of brainstorming and planning for our church's big Easter Fest in May. We're actually having the feast two weeks after Easter so that we are celebrating Christ's resurrection well into the Easter season.

We decided to get a few things done ahead of time, including making the bread. The Indian bread, or naan, as it is traditionally called, has been made. We will be serving it along side Chicken Biryani.

Sarah has great connections with Bucers, our town's best coffee shop, and they graciously let us use their big kitchen on Sunday when they were closed.

Sarah mixed up all the dough. Each bucket would make 50 flatbreads.

Sarah's husband Joseph and Sarah's sister Becca shaped dough.

I sliced dough.

The four of us worked frantically for hours. Here, we paused for one group photo.

Sarah managed the ovens. When we were done, she had some good burns and a busted knee.

The naan. It was spectacular.

We made about 380 flatbreads. This is a few of them.

Wrapping up the bread after it had cooled.

Ready to be frozen.

There it is.

So if you'll be in the area on May 7th, come to Trinity Reformed Church's 3rd Annual Easter Festival. Seriously. Contact me if you're interested in more details. It's going to be awesome.

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