Monday, April 25, 2011

Chloë's First Easter

We woke up while the sun was still rising, and the light was still low. Chloë wasn't used to being up that early, but she rubbed her eyes and yawned, sleepy, but happy to see Mama and Daddy. We bundled her into her snow suit over her pajamas, loaded the car with blankets, coffee, and juice, and drove to the cemetery. Within a few minutes of arriving, all of Bryan's family, plus a few others had pulled up. We laid the blankets on the cold grass, and started dishing up the breakfast feast that we had all helped prepare. Cinnamon rolls, egg strata, sausage, cheesy croissants, fresh fruit, fruit salad, and coffee and juice. Bryan's dad read the account of Christ's resurrection. It was bright and sunny, but crisp and cold. Chloë wasn't really interested in the fresh banana, but liked the sausage her daddy let her taste. For the second consecutive year, we all feasted early on Easter Sunday, celebrating life in a graveyard. "For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive."

And then we went home to get ready for church at the extra early time of 8 am. So we were home by 10, and had time to take some pictures of Chloë's first Resurrection Sunday. The dress she wore was actually a baby shower gift, and I thought it was a perfect Easter dress, even though it was a bit large. So we took some pictures, and then went on to do more feasting and celebrating.

We went to a baptism party, and feasted and celebrated there, and then out to Mom and Dad Blakey's and had a fabulous Easter dinner. There were Easter Baskets at everyone's place on the table, including the baby, and in Chloë's there was a banana that Aunt Laura had drawn the Easter Bunny on, calling it the Easter Banany.

I'm a little sad that I didn't bring the camera for breakfast in the cemetery or dinner at the Blakey's, but here is a video of Chloë's first chocolate bunny taken with Bryan's iPhone.


  1. New lipstick and rouge shade: "Chocolate Easter Bunny".

  2. I love her Easter dress! And her approach to chocolate is also fabulous!