Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Saturday marked my 27th birthday. (But now that I'm a mother, I realized that we count wrong, because the first day of birth really does count ever so much.)

My dear and wonderful husband surprised me a day early with the perfect present: a beautiful Canon Rebel T1i. I've already taken hundreds of pictures, and have had so much fun messing with the settings and playing with lighting and shutter speed and learning how to take better pictures. One of my favorites from the first night:

My parents came to town for the weekend, and my dad brought me a special present. A Blue Spruce, which had been planted as a little sapling a few years ago along the stream on my parent's land. (This tree is now a special part of our yard, especially because we planted it over Chloë's placenta, following a Botkin tradition. There is a tree on The Farm in Iowa that my parents planted shortly after I was born.) It even came with it's very own authentic bird nest.

The morning of my birthday, spending time with my family. And loving my sweet, chubby baby.

On Saturday we had a little party, also celebrating my friend Susanna's birthday this week. Our dear friends Joel and Mary came early, and Louella smiled sweetly for the camera.

Lou is two months older than Chloë, and we finally got a few pictures of them together. Of course photographing babies is no easy task, and harder still to get a shot with two babies looking good.

Grinning at her Uncle Samuel.

With my mother, for whom I have a new appreciation, after having my own daughter.

Birthday girls!

Suz and I with our pumpkin bread "cakes." They were great, Mom!

Trying to get a family birthday shot. My poor daughter was a little cranky at this point... slightly over-stimulated by all of the noise and fun.

Then on Sunday, we had The Blakey Birthday Dinner out at the Alpaca farm. My in-laws are fantastic people, and sweet Jessie made me my favorite chocolate peanut butter cake.

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  1. Sounds like lots of fun! I'm glad you were well-celebrated! Looks like a fun new toy you got--can't wait to see all the pics once you get it mastered. :-)