Friday, October 8, 2010


We have two apple trees in our backyard. Neither were pruned last Spring, so they gave us lots of tiny apples. One is a tart green (Granny Smith, maybe?), and the other is a sweeter red and greenish/golden type (some kind of Gala, perhaps?)

The apples started falling a couple of weeks ago, and I was overwhelmed with sadness at the thought of them all rotting and going to waste. I've also been thinking about the fact that my daughter will be eating semi-solid food in a few short months, but who wants to pay 80 cents for a quarter cup of Gerber applesauce? Not me. So, I decided to try making my very own super-organic applesauce.

My apple/peeler/corer/slicer didn't work very well for these because they are so small. So I just chopped these kiwi-sized apples into quarters (and cut out lots of mush spots and black nastiness), and filled both of my stockpots.

Then I let them simmer into a golden mush.

And then I put them through a Victorio Strainer that a kind friend offered to let me borrow.

I think I will have to get my own strainer at some point, because that machine took all of the seeds and peels out in a few short minutes, leaving me with a pot of beautiful golden pink applesauce.

I haven't cared much for applesauce in many years... even before I started using processed, cold, store-bought stuff to help patients swallow their pills. But boy, let me tell you, the perfect blend of tart and sweet, warm out of the strainer... oh yum.

Since I've never actually canned and don't have any of the equipment, I'm hoping all of this goodness will keep well in my freezer.

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