Monday, March 31, 2014

Second Birthday

I made pancake pops for Elaina's birthday breakfast. The girls both thought they were pretty awesome, and wanted to know why I don't just make pancakes like that all the time.

For dinner that night, we went out for Mexican food, because that's where the birthday girl's pregnant mama wanted to go. Elaina had seen the big sombrero and heard the birthday song a few times during past visits, so I asked if she wanted to wear the special hat and hear the special song.  She insisted that she did, and I was really impressed with how well she handled all the attention.

A few days later we had a little party, with family and friends in attendance. She was excited to show off how old she was, and even did pretty well opening all of her presents in front of everyone.

When I asked Elaina earlier that week what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday, the only thing she requested was that it be purple. So purple it was. By means of a buttercream frosting that I gradually dyed darker and darker as I piped it on to the cake. These sorts of projects always take twice as long as I think they will. But she had a purple ombre cake for her birthday, and it even tasted alright.

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