Monday, December 30, 2013

Old Friends

A few days after Christmas, we got to meet up with our dear friends the Rusts and the Strubles.  The Rusts live in Seattle, and the Strubles are in Maryland, so it had been two years since the six of us got together.  Er, the 13 of us.
Four Blakeys, six Rusts, and three Strubles.

L to R: Adam, Kay, Noah and Marae Rust, Elaina and Chloë Blakey, and Audrey Struble.

A lot has changed in few years.  Alex, Luke and Bryan were roommates in 2004.  I met Katie, and then we met The Guys, and then Lynnessa joined The Gang, as we referred to ourselves.
By 2006, we were all married and in each other's weddings.  And now we're living happily ever after.

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