Wednesday, June 19, 2013

3rd Birthday

We drove to the Oregon coast the day before Chloë's 3rd birthday.  We joined the Beckers at a beach house, and had a wonderful birthday for my big three-year-old girl.

The last night she was 2.  She tried to do her first slumber party with Bella and Eva, but ended up in our room half way through the night.

Eating chocolate chip pancakes for her birthday breakfast, and proudly declaring her new age.

Elaina and Aaron eating some Cheerios for a snack. They are a little bit bigger than they were last year.

A little post breakfast color session with Eva.

I made tasty fish tacos for dinner for the adults, but we made Kraft mac-n-cheese for the kids.  It was a huge hit.

Opening a few presents.

I made her a pink tutu. 

She was pretty pleased.  The tongue-out-of-her-mouth thing mean she's excited.

One of the few things she requested for her birthday: A cake with sprinkles.

Samuel just happened to be in Oregon on his own little vacation from Denver, so he and his girlfriend Alexis joined us for the evening.  Chloë loved the bubbles he brought her.

The kids all loved the bubbles.

Samuel helped Chloë with the 100 piece princess puzzel he gave her.

After the kids were in bed, we stayed up for a little late night Carcassonne. Good times, even though I didn't win.

It's fun looking at pictures from our trip with the Beckers from last summer

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