Saturday, March 2, 2013

We Won Second Place

Well friends, we didn't win the Ugly Couch contest, but we were so close.  We were in the lead on numerous occasions, but in the final hour, our competitors jumped into the lead and won by 42 votes.

The official announcement from Model Home Furnishing:
-First Place, with 617 votes, goes to sofa #31, belonging to RJ & Brittney!
-Second Place, with 575 votes, goes to sofa #6, belonging to Bess & Bryan! 

-Third Place, with 100 votes, goes to sofa #26, belonging to Gordon Mellot!

Those two days were a little crazy.  I never thought such a silly competition could be so nerve wracking.  I guess I do have a competitive streak somewhere.  I did feel pretty silly practically begging our family and friends to vote for our couch, while asking them to have their friends vote too.  

It seemed like such an easy competition when we started; we only needed 130 votes to win!  But then our competition noticed, and they rallied their people.  So, naturally, we bumped it up a notch and rallied ours.  

We were able to monitor the numbers of votes minute-by-minute, which was really quite torturous.  The final hours were the most painful of all.  We would be ahead by seven votes, then behind by three, then ahead by five, then behind by eight.  And then, after all of that effort, we didn't even win.  But.  We had no idea that there was even a second place prize, so we were stoked for the $100 gift certificate.  Bryan and I have been doing research today trying to decide what kind of couches we even like.  So maybe sometime in the next month or few we'll have ourselves some new furniture.

Thanks to all of our family and friends for supporting the crazy spam-like approach to this thing. Hopefully we won't ever do it again.

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