Tuesday, March 12, 2013

We Got Away

Bryan and I took a little trip a couple of weeks ago.  We left the girls with Bryan's parents, and were gone for a whole 52 hours!  He did lots of research and planning, and decided to take me to McCall, Idaho.  It was a 3 1/2 hour drive, and it was beautiful.

We checked into the luxurious Shore Line Lodge, right on the edge of Lake Payette.  We explored, soaked in the hot tub, ate lots of good food in lots of fun places, and drank a responsible amount of good beer.

I took a lot of pictures of our food. I'll spare you most of them.
The deep fried jalapenos were amazing (and something we want to attempt to replicate)
The copper-topped bar at the pub was interesting.
This cinnamon roll was the hugest thing I've ever seen.  We got it to go, and it filled up the entire styrofoam carry-out box.

We were both actually right in the middle of a pretty awful cold, but praise the Lord for sudafed and ibuprofen, because we really didn't want to miss out on the snowboarding!  It was a perfect bluebird day, and the snow was even decent.  I absolutely loved it.  Snowboarding is one of the things I love most, but rarely get to do.  I've only gone a couple of times in the last several years, so it was a special treat.  I'm a little rusty and out of practice, but we had a fabulous time, and didn't even injure ourselves.
We had a spectacular view.

We had a great time.  The drive home wasn't even half bad.

And then we got to see our girls!  We had missed them a lot.  We figured a fun little family dinner outing would be appropriate.

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