Monday, February 18, 2013

Dancing in the Living Room

Last week, Chloë found the leotard I got for her at a garage sale last summer.  It's still a little too big, but she insisted on wearing it.  So we put together the most ballerina-esque outfit I could come up with.

She has a very cheesy camera grin.  Here are her best ballet moves.

She's getting so big.

I loved her little bun, with her little pink bobby pins holding all of her fine wispy hairs in place.

Her hair is just so wispy and fine that cute little up-dos don't stay in place for long.

It seems like she always does something strange with her mouth if she feels awkward or shy; putting her fingers in her mouth, or sticking her tongue into her cheek.

I don't think dance moves get any more awkward than this.

Then she just started grooving to the imaginary music.

Here are a few of her moves.

Maybe someday we'll put her in some sort of dance lessons.  Or tap dance.  Or gymnastics.   In the meantime, the living room is a pretty good place for dancing.

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