Monday, October 15, 2012

Uncle Samuel

My brother Samuel called me a few weeks ago from Denver.  "Hey, can you pick me up at the airport on Wednesday?" he asked.  He had injured his collar bone and rib in a rugby game, and had to take a few weeks off to let things heal.  So the girls and I drove up to the Spokane airport.  Samuel's arm was in a sling, and his hair slightly resembled the Euro Rugby Mullet, but we were glad to see him.

Chloë was especially thrilled to have her Uncle Samuel around off and on for a few weeks.  He spent a lot of mornings and afternoons with the girls, napping, playing, tickling, and reading.

Last Tuesday, the night before Samuel's early flight back to Denver.  Chloë gave him lots of extra hugs and cuddles.

We miss you, Samuel.  Hope you don't get any (more) injuries this season.  Although we wouldn't complain if you came to visit again.

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